We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child's success with well formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.

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about gcms thana

Why GCMS Thana

Bachelor Level College

In GCMS Thana you can avail BS Commerce, BBA, GS, D.Com and DIT degrees/Diplomas

Govt, College

GCMS Thana is a Governoment college you can avail your degree with affordable price.

State-of-the-art Classes

GCMS Thana having state-of-the-art classis equiped with multimedias and necessary AV aids.

Qualified Teachers

In GCMS Thana you will find PHD, MS degree holder teaching staff.

Student Clubs

GCMS Thana provide different students activities from stports to libraries and skilled work shops.

Financial Aid

You can avail story da Pukhtnkhwa award or Mora scholarship award for financial assistance.


MSC Pak Study.

Principal Message

At GCMS Thana, we strive to provide not only outstanding education but also valuable opportunities for practical exposure and industry connections. Our esteemed faculty members are dedicated to delivering innovative teaching methods that enhance your learning experience and prepare you for successful careers.

I encourage you to continue leveraging the resources and opportunities available to you. Your journey here is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to excel in the dynamic world of commerce and business.

Thank you for being an integral part of our vibrant academic community. Keep up the excellent work, and remember that your efforts today are building the foundation for your future success.

Total number of students qualified till date.
Enrolled students.
Teaching faculty and administrative staff.
Computer labs we have

At a Glance

GCMS Thana is state-of-the-art College providing stable growing atmosphere to students for learning and grooming.

GCMS Thana QEC provide insight to all the acadamic activites all over the year are recorded and monitored for any improvements.

Our Aim


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Our Objective


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Our mission


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Admission Process

Great Lakes International  Academy enrolls students ages 6 to 17 who do not require intense supervision and do not have severe disabilities that the staff is not equipped to handle. Space permitting, students can enroll and begin attending school after successfully completing the admissions process.

Tuition payment is prorated based on the annual amount and the time of year the student enrolls. On occasion, the Admissions Committee or the family may request additional visiting weeks, at $200 per week, before enrollment is discussed at the second family admissions visit.


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